Wildlife & Safaris

The thick jungles of the Indian subcontinent await you with lions, Royal Bengal tigers, Asiatic elephants, one-horned rhinos, and lots more. Your safari will also give you a chance to admire the rich avian beauties of India.

Wildlife Safari Tours

Wild Wild East

The Indian subcontinent, with its thick jungles, is a paradise for the wildlife. This is home to about 500 species of exotic mammals, 2000 plus species of birds, and many more amphibians. From Chitwan in Nepal to Bandhavgarh in Central India, the national parks are teeming with wild cats. The safari tours in the jeep and sometimes in Elephant is an enchanting experience. Apart from the wild animals, the thick jungles, wild trees, and the natural habitat will leave a lasting impression on you. Most national parks are also home to a wide variety of avian species, which adds to this mesmerizing experience. The subcontinent also boasts of the rare one-horned rhino, and the elephant safari in Manas National Park on the India-Bhutan border is a once in a lifetime experience.

Northern India & Nepal

Wildlife Tours of North India & Nepal

The wildlife in North India is majestic, varied and regal

The wildlife safari tours are the best way to explore India and Nepal’s rich wildlife treasures. From the majestic tiger, the agile leopard to the giant wild elephant; the wild side of North India will leave you in awe. The over 2000 avian species are also music to your ears.

Northern India & Nepal Wildlife Tours

These tours take you into the jungles, which are the natural habitat of wild animals. The vast expanse, thick vegetation, and even forts within the national parks make the safari tours really exciting. With a herd of deer, sambar, elephants, and the wild cat waiting to greet you, the chase for the wild cannot get any better.

Central India

Wildlife Safari Tours of Central India

The thick jungles here are home to Asiatic lions and tigers

While Gir forest in Gujarat will welcome you with a pack of lions, the national parks of Madhya Pradesh are home to the most majestic tigers. Bison, wild dogs, boar, and many other wild species will make your safari tour really adventurous. You will enjoy the safari ride through the thick jungles with birds chirping and the wild ‘call’ from afar.

Central India Safari Tours

Visiting the national parks in Central India is the best adventure possible. With high tiger concentration, the possibilities of tiger sightings are more here. Miles of the ride into the thick jungle is a rejuvenating experience in itself.

Adventure Awaits You

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