Temples and Palaces

Religion and regality define the heritage of the Indian subcontinent. This sacrosanct land is a destination where one can immerse into the depths of spiritual revelations while soaking in the grandeur of havelis and palaces that showcase opulence like no other land.

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Of Regal Palaces & Revered Temples

A country where millions pray in a thousand languages, where kings and queens have left footprints in the form of grand palaces and edifices is what defines the Indian subcontinent. From the pink sandstone palace, Hawa Mahal in the western Indian city, Jaipur, to the extensively carved Kathmandu Darbar Square in the eastern fringe of Nepal, this land offers treasures that make memories lasting a lifetime. From dazzling white marble Taj Mahal in northern India to the carved granite Mysore  Palace in the Southern state of Karnataka, the splendor of this land is beyond the realms of imagination. However, this regality is firmly based on the reverence that is instilled in this sacrosanct land. Dotted with temples that draw devotees and tourists alike, find your fulcrum of faith in the Golden Temple in Amritsar and Khajuraho in India. Experience nirvana in Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest and revel in the consecrated temple premise of Meenakshi Temple, replete with gopurams that reach up to the sky as the oil lamps are lit, and mantras are chanted. This is the true Indian subcontinent; exotic, vibrant, and alive. Experience a culture where every guest is God incarnate and where life is celebrated with energy and fervor that is contagious.

Reverence & Religion

The Land of Revered Temples

A perfect confluence of religion and opulence that surpass imagination.

As you weave through the land, find your faith in the glorious Khajuraho temple in the north to the Shore Temple in the south.  Find spiritual solace in the historic ruins of Hampi and Badami. India will tug at your heartstrings with its historic grandiosity and its pristine faith while keeping its endearing simplicity intact.

Temple Tours
Our tours will take you on an odyssey of faith and beliefs. From the seat of faith for Sikhs, Golden Temple in Amritsar, Varanasi, the Hindu holy land, to the Sanchi Stupa of Buddhists, India gives you a chance to integrate into its mystical belief system. Experience the unified power of prayer and faith that connects the universe.


Regality defined

The Land of Regal Opulence

Travel back in time as India glimmers in regal splendor

Get lost in the splendor of the Lake Palace in Udaipur, marvel at the pink sandstone Hawa Mahal and discover the majestic Mysore Palace as you traverse India.  The intricate designs, architecture, and opulence of gems and precious stones used is a vision to behold. Revel in the beauty of the bygone eras of dynasties that have left indelible footprints in the form of magnificent palaces dotted across the land. You also get to stay in many such opulent palaces as they are now turned into luxury hotels.

Palace Tours

Our tours will let you walk into the ornate palaces that were once the homes of kings and queens. As you traverse the land, be mesmerized by Rajasthan and South India’s majestically designed palaces like Amber Fort Palace, Umaid Bhawan, and Mysore Palace. With us, you get to stay in a few of these regal palaces and get a chance to live the life of a Maharaja.

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