Culinary Indulgence

There is no platter quite like the one you find in the Indian Subcontinent. An explosion of taste and aroma, it is every bit scrumptious.

Culinary Tours

A Robust and Diverse Cuisine

If there is a country that can be experienced through its cuisine, it is India. With a food spread as varied in color, taste, and aroma as its culture, India’s journey is incomplete without exploring its gastronomic delights. A country ruled by dynasties from far and wide, Indian cuisine is a boiling pot of influences. From the Mughal tandoori platters, the English breakfast, to the Portuguese Pork vindaloo, you can taste them all here in India. The taste and the choice of dishes change every few kilometers. A journey through the subcontinent is also a gastronomic sojourn, which will surely leave a tantalizing aftertaste for a long, long time.

Northern India

Tantalizing Spicy Cuisine of North India

Tantalize your taste buds with it these rich and aromatic flavors.

The North Indian cuisine is a potpourri of flavors, aroma, and colors. With a strong Mughal and Hindu influence, they have a great vegetarian and non-vegetarian platter to offer. The use of Indian spices, dry fruits, and dairy make the cuisine rich and tasty.

North India Culinary Tours

These Culinary Tours will take you on a never before gastronomic voyage with mouth-melting kebabs, spicy gol gappas, and tangy chaats. From bite-size vegetarian snacks to tandoori chicken and innumerable lentil dishes, the choices are aplenty.

Southern India

Tangy and Tasty Cuisine of South India

Treat your taste buds to a explosion of flavors from South India

The South Indian cuisine is unique in its taste and aroma. It comes with flavours that will leave you asking for more. The rasams, soft vadas and the delectable biryanis come together to create a riot of flavors on your plate.

South India Culinary Tours

These Culinary Tours along the Southern part of India are as magical as the land itself. Tamarind, special ground spices, and coconut milk give a mouth-watering flavor to the dishes. Rich in a vegetarian and non-vegetarian spread, the South Indian cuisine is healthy, tasty, and superbly delicious.

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