Art & Culture Fiesta

Cradling one of the oldest civilizations of the world and home to innumerable forms of handicrafts, music, and dance, the Indian subcontinent is the holy grail of art and culture. A tapestry of weaves, jewelry crafted to perfection, and indigenous traditions make this subcontinent a perfect kaleidoscopic experience. From rustling silks to the morning ragas, from colorful paintings to exotic festivals, the Indian subcontinent is an unparalleled experience for your senses.

Arts & Cultural Tours

Fall in love with this paradise of cultures

A melting pot of cultures, the Indian subcontinent will mesmerize you with its music, dances, paintings, mythology, and mysticism. The stone carvings of Nepal, the traditional Tshechu dance of Bhutan to the regal palaces in India, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The local life, the magnificent evening aarti at Haridwar, the buzzing lanes of Charminar, and the folk dance of Rajasthan all will transport you to a magical world. Experience the Indian culture at its core and immerse your soul into its rich heritage. The intricately woven Indian culture with its multilinguistic, diversified life is uniqueness defined. As you travel across the country, you will be awestruck by its diversity—the language, the culture, and even the cuisine changes every few kilometers. India is many countries rolled into one. From the Himalayas to the backwaters, from the temples to the forts, it is an unending story waiting to be told—a story that has never disappointed anyone, and one that brings you back again and again.

From Kutch to Kumbh

India, A Land of Fairs and Festivals

A kaleidoscope of everything artistic, be part of this life-changing experience.

Festivals in India are full of color and vibrance. Douse yourself in the colors of Holi in Mathura, be a part of the mass congregation named Maha Kumbh or visit the Pushkar animal fair and see life and livestock in perfect harmony. Bedazzled at the Taj Mahotsav and experience the exclusive Rann Utsav in all its glory.

Fair & Festival Tours

These tours take you close to the Indian ethos of celebration. Festivities bring in song, dance, food, art, and adventure in full fervor. Be a spectator while India reveals her beliefs, tells her tales, and celebrates her existence through her many festivals.

Soundscapes & Dances

Of folk dances and foot tapping music

India is a musical journey with myriad dance forms to enchant you

Bejeweled dancers in colorful drapes with their mudras or moves telling mythology tales are a traveler’s delight. Accompanying is the enthralling music played by experts. The elaborate masks of Kathakali dancers, the rich costumes were worn by Odissi, Mohiniyattam, and Bharat Natyam dancers are a feast to the eyes. Explore the tribal dance forms like Cham, and you will be awed as you see the Indian subcontinent speak to you with the language of its soul.

Cultural & Heritage Tours

These tours let you experience the diverse cultures of the land. Be it attending cultural programs and folk dances or sipping a sundowner with local artists putting their best performance, you will enjoy every bit of this artistic journey. Immerse your soul in musical instruments like veena, tabla, mridangam, and let your senses be fulfilled with the most ancient sounds of the universe.

Colorful Canvas

Art etched on paper and chiseled on stone

Experience the vibrancy of colors etched on caves to canvas

From artifacts of the Bronze age, frescos and murals in ancient caves in Ajanta and Ellora and Bhimbetka to resplendent temple walls chiseled in Khajuraho and Konark, India is an art lover’s paradise. Be amazed by the beauty of the Taj Mahal to the divinity of Tanjore paintings in the south. Integration of religious motifs on paper, silk, and walls in temple architecture, India comes alive in the vivid display of poignant photographs since time immemorial.

Craft & Culture Tours

See the stones come alive to tell tales of love and valor. Savor the joys of seeing India’s unmatched craftsmanship and let the canvas of your heart be etched with the marble works of Agra to the Meenakari and blue pottery of Jaipur. Be spellbound by the Rajput miniature paintings of Udaipur and revel in India’s unique tryst with art.

Adventure Awaits You

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