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When is the Best Time to Visit Bhutan?

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Bhutan or the Thunder Dragon Land is cocooned by the Sub Himalayan Foothills, The Greater Himalayan, and the Inner Himalayas. It is a small country that is practically untouched by the modern world and the first nation to be carbon negative. Emerald valleys cover this unique and enigmatic country, snow-capped mountains with waterfalls, fortresses, or dzongs and dotted with monasteries and shrines and home to peace-loving Bhutanese people who make perfect hosts. A sojourn through Bhutan will enchant you with lush forests that are intersected by gorgeous mountain passes, full of diverse national parks that bloom with wildflowers and truly make it a vision to behold. Like most Himalayan belts, the best season to visit this mystical kingdom is from fall (October) to spring (April). The air is crisp, and the snow-capped peaks gleam like gold in the eastern sun, making it almost magical. Winters may offer snowfall and cold winds blowing through the Himalayan peaks, making the temperature hovered between 11 and 0 degrees Celsius. Warm clothing and waterproof clothes with layers are of huge help during the nights. Spring brings a warmer temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, making it the best time to see this fascinating land of monarchs and pilgrimage sites. Monsoons in Bhutan make the ground slippery, making trekking a challenge, and usually, not many tourists flock during these months.

For nature lovers, Bhutan is a magical destination. If you wish to trek to places like Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest, both winters and spring offer some breathtaking views. The pine forests covering the trail consume your senses with the musky essence, whereas spring brings forth wildflowers of all hues to light up the entire trail. The charm is out of the world in both climes. Winter months extend from December to February in Bhutan, and if you can brave the low temperatures, you will be blessed with clear skies overlooking the majestic Himalayas. The Bumthang Valley is pristinely beautiful and shelters royal shrines and temples. Both winters and spring visits with the DochuLa pass through the lush green Punakha valley to the Punakha Dzong, a pleasurable journey. You will be mesmerized by the roads and scenic locales and listen to some wonderful Tibetan music while traveling to these sites. Bhutan truly takes your breath away. If you wish to catch a glimpse of the rare black-necked cranes, it is recommended you visit Phobjikha Valley between late October and mid-February when they migrate from the Tibetan plateau to this enchanted land every year. In Gangtey, a special festival is held every November to celebrate the arrival of the birds. On the other hand, if you wish to be engulfed in the glorious bloom of Bhutan’s national flower, the rhododendron, spring is a nature lover’s delight. The entire landscape is painted in all the myriad hues of rhododendrons. Inhale the beauty of Bhutan and stand captivated in this picturesque frame of nature. For adventure seekers and trekkers, both fall and spring make way for trekking across the country, and the clear skies both during the winters and spring make the best weather for walks in the mountains and overnight stays blissful.

Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan

Visiting the Tiger’s Nest monastery is a trek that will surely be one that you will embark upon, and it will be a memorable experience, especially when the weather is pleasant. The Ura Tsechu or festival is one of the major draws. A visit to the Trongsa Dzong is one of the finest examples of Bhutanese architecture that will be a sight to behold, especially in the backdrop of the clear skies and the bloom of rhododendrons. In case the Bhutanese potpourri of cultural festivals and exotic charm of Buddhism tugs at your heartstrings, spring will certainly be a riot of festivities across Bhutan. These festivals are centered around Buddhism’s deep-rooted faith and incorporate the regional artistry of colorful clothes and masks donned by the Bhutanese people. They are great hosts, and you can enjoy these festivities in full galore. A visit to the market in Thimpu can also be a splendid experience under the winter skies. The majestic vistas, the cultural diversity shrouded in mythology, mixed with traditions and beliefs, can truly transport you to your own Shangri La and offer you happy memories to last a lifetime. Visit Bhutan to understand how happiness feels (a country high on the Gross National Happiness index), visit Bhutan to fall in love with the mountains, and embrace nature in its true glory.

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