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Sri Lanka – The Magical Potpourri of Sun and Sand

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Sri Lanka, the Emerald Isle, truly is a jewel in the crown of the Indian Subcontinent. Separated by a narrow strip of sea from the rest of the subcontinent, this small country is the coming together of many worlds. A wonderful potpourri of landscapes ranging from hills to beaches, innumerable languages, timeless traditions and customs, and some lip-smacking ethnic culinary delights strung together to make it a premier destination.

Sri Lanka – An adventure to satiate your soul

There is an adventure in the air the moment you fly into Sri Lanka. The Indian Ocean stretches out in front to meet the horizon, and the distinct salt in the air tantalizes your senses. Sri Lanka greets you in style. The aroma of spices like cinnamon, pepper, and other exotic produce like tea attracted traders from far-off places like Europe in ancient times who set sail to discover this magical country, and a historic amalgamation of cultures happened. The Portuguese, Dutch and British were the first amongst them, and their imprints are still present in attires, cuisine, and architecture.

The Cultural Cauldron

The ports of Colombo and the Galle Fort stand out in their beautiful European architecture among the innumerable temples, monasteries, mosques, and churches that showcase the diversity in Sri Lanka. The wonders of the Hindu and Buddhist faith are preserved in the Sinhalese kingdom’s cultural triangle in the cities of Kandy, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth in Kandy brings in multitudes of believers of Buddhism. In contrast, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura are serene ancient cities packed with old temples and ruins located in the middle of a green jungle. This is one of the most frequently visited sites is the fortress complex of Sigiriya. A place is known for its monastic touch, and the royal flavor is also famous for the imposing ‘Lion Rock.’ The cave temples of Dambulla and Mihintale are also worth visiting.

On the other hand, Colombo is a bustling city set along with a sprawling fort with some marvelous ancient architecture, museums, galleries, temples, shrines, and a stunning coastline. This city is where you can see business and pleasure being mixed effortlessly. A tuk-tuk takes you around this city, showing you this amazing mix of everything unique.

Tea plantations, wildlife, and the never-ending shoreline

Sri Lanka is among the very few countries that can boast of natural beauty that is so diverse. From the lush green tea plantations in Kandy to the spectacular wildlife in the Yala National Park filled with elephants, bears, and leopards, you will be spoiled with choices when in Sri Lankan. Furthermore, a visit to the Elephant Orphanage in Kandy is also a spectacular experience.


To top it all, Sri Lanka is also where the heavenly coastline and the sun-kissed beaches enclose it on all sides. Miles of palm-lined shores playing truant with the turquoise waves is a sultry beauty that will quench your soul’s thirst for relaxation, rejuvenation, and adventure. The beaches of Mirissa and Tangalle stretch out as far as your eyes will go. Relax on a hammock with some fresh, tender coconut water, or you can surf if adventure is on your mind. Moreover, newly hatched turtles are an amazing sight to observe, and you may be blessed with a breathtaking sunset.  The sun, shore, and the sand conjure the magic that will leave you wanting more.


From the bustling cities and tropical plains, lush tea plantations, amazing wildlife, the azure seas, and mesmerizing coastlines, Sri Lanka can breathe life into weary souls lost in the daily grind. Visiting Sri Lanka is like a trip to the perfect tropical paradise with a twist.

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