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Safety In India – Is it safe to travel to India in 2021/22

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Is it safe to travel to India in 2021/22? 

India in the year 2019 registered a phenomenal footfall of 10.7 million foreign tourists, proving India not only to be safe but also a much sought-after destination in the coming years of 2021-2022. Your safety is our responsibility, and we stand committed to ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable trip to India.

Solo or Group? How safe will you be in India?

Traveling is fun and safe, especially with a small group of people who can become friends in no time. The memories of a place are always enhanced when it has fun moments spent with a group.

Solo Travel Explained

Traveling alone, on the other hand, sometimes is a bit overwhelming.  It is more so when you visit a place that changes languages, landscapes, food, and culture almost every 10 kilometers. Apart from the logistical aspect of planning out your complete itinerary, making bookings related to hotels, tickets and figuring out routes, there will be the additional burden of safety that will need your attention.  This will surely curtail the time spent on what you started to do, which is travel!  On the other hand, group tours that are contoured to suit your interests are much safer.  This traveling option works well, especially when you are traveling to a country as diverse as India.

Group Tours

Group tours give you the advantage of enjoying the destination without bothering about the nitty-gritty of travel. Your tour guides will be there escorting you to all the fabulous destinations that you plan to visit. They will tell you fascinating stories behind the architectural marvels that adorn India, prioritize your wishes and ensure your safety. Though technology can help you with know-how, it will never be able to match the expertise of a local guide.  They will ensure safe access to places tucked away in a labyrinth of lanes and save you time and energy. Trust your guide to make sure that you experience the beauty India holds in the safest of ways.

Traditions and culture in India-The dos and don’ts

India has a culture that is mystical in every way. Though it is a country with a modern outlook and English is the lingua franca, it would be appropriate to be attired in casuals.  They not only drape you well and make it appealing acceptable but also protect you from the tropical sun.  Being a tropical country, India is sunny, and hence your clothes should keep you safe from both the sun and unwanted stares. Taking your shoes off and covering your head with a scarf when entering religious places like a temple, gurudwara, or a mosque is common etiquette in India.

Though India is very open to inviting tourists from the world over yet, we suggest a few things that are better not done when in India to ensure you have a pleasurable and, most importantly, a safe trip.  Showing intimacy is something that can be awkward here. Do not try to go and enjoy a stroll in an unknown place unescorted, especially at night. Since many local markets tend to get overcrowded, stay alert and watch out for pickpockets. Be money-wise and make sure you carry some cash on you as not all things in India can be purchased with a credit card.

Travel Insurance

India is a vast country with unending possibilities. You can trek in the Himalayas, visit Buddhist monasteries, enjoy the food, be enthralled by the architectural marvels, or even learn yoga and meditation.  However, to truly savor all these, do not forget to have your travel insurance in place.  Not only will it be intelligent to cover health emergencies, but it will also cover your expensive gadgets in case of loss.  It also comes in handy if you need to cancel your trip and return early due to some unforeseen circumstance.  In those cases, your pre-booked tickets or even hotel bookings will be covered.

Do check carefully to find which ones offer the best deal for the length of your trip.  Also, do look out for the activities that you plan on doing.  Be aware of the mode of payment. Seeing whether equipment and gadgets are covered will be a wise move. Also, you are willing to pay the excess amount if you need to claim and more such terms and conditions.

Pollution in India

The Indian culture is a very sustainable environmental experience in itself.  Despite the urbanization of cities, the year 2020 has been India’s turnaround as far as the environment goes. This country has reduced carbon emissions by a whopping 8%. The national average of greenhouse gases has seen a downward trend for the last few years.  This is due to the investments India has made in renewable sectors like solar energy and windmills.  India has blue skies that have made the Himalayas visible once again from the cities in azure bright skies.  The code is Green in India now after decades.

If you have always wished to plan a trip to India, this is the new fresh, vibrant India that awaits you. Come and make memories that last a lifetime!

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